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Download elastix

On this page you can download elastix via periodic releases or from version control.

Stable releases


Steve M. Robbins provides a number of Debian packages, both 32bit and 64bit: click here.

The binaries are zipped and can be unzipped with "tar -xjf <archive>" (Linux) or using WinZip in Windows. The windows binaries may require the VS 2008 or 2010 redistributable package, which can be downloaded here or here, see also the FAQ.

By downloading elastix you accept the conditions written here.


Select which elastix version you want to download:

elastix version was released .


svn repository access

Starting November 2010 we provide read-only access to the elastix repository! The repository is hosted at https://svn.bigr.nl/elastix/trunkpublic. The username elastixguest together with the password elastixguest gives you permission to enter. You can now checkout elastix by:

   svn co --username elastixguest --password elastixguest
     https://svn.bigr.nl/elastix/trunkpublic <mylocalpathtoelastix>

Note that the repository gives access to the latest development and may therefore be unstable.

Tagged versions

   svn co --username elastixguest --password elastixguest
     https://svn.bigr.nl/elastix/tagspublic/elastix_04_8 <mylocalpathtoelastix>

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