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elastix::InstallFunctions< TAnyItkObject > Class Template Reference

#include <elxInstallFunctions.h>

Detailed Description

template<class TAnyItkObject>
class elastix::InstallFunctions< TAnyItkObject >

A class with functions that are used to install elastix components.

In elastix the metric/transform/dimension/pixeltype etc. are all selected at runtime. To make this possible, all components (metric/transform etc) have to compiled for different dimension/pixeltype. The elx::ComponentDatabase stores for each instance and each pixeltype/dimension a pointers to a function that creates a component of the specific type. The InstallFunctions class provides functions that aid in filling the elx::ComponentDatabase. The functions are called when elastix is started. Do not do this directly. Use the elxInstallMacro instead (see elxMacro.h).

See also

Definition at line 46 of file elxInstallFunctions.h.

Public Types

typedef TAnyItkObject AnyItkObjectType
typedef ComponentDatabase::ComponentDescriptionType ComponentDescriptionType
typedef ComponentDatabase::IndexType IndexType
typedef ComponentDatabase::ObjectPointer ObjectPointer
typedef ComponentDatabase::ObjectType ObjectType
typedef InstallFunctions Self

Static Public Member Functions

static ObjectPointer Creator (void)
static int InstallComponent (const ComponentDescriptionType &name, IndexType i, ComponentDatabase *cdb)

Member Typedef Documentation

template<class TAnyItkObject >
typedef TAnyItkObject elastix::InstallFunctions< TAnyItkObject >::AnyItkObjectType

Definition at line 52 of file elxInstallFunctions.h.

The type of the key in the component database (=string)

Definition at line 64 of file elxInstallFunctions.h.

template<class TAnyItkObject >
typedef ComponentDatabase::IndexType elastix::InstallFunctions< TAnyItkObject >::IndexType

The type of the index in the component database. Each combination of pixeltype/dimension corresponds a specific number, the index (unsigned int).

Definition at line 61 of file elxInstallFunctions.h.

template<class TAnyItkObject >
typedef ComponentDatabase::ObjectPointer elastix::InstallFunctions< TAnyItkObject >::ObjectPointer

Definition at line 56 of file elxInstallFunctions.h.

template<class TAnyItkObject >
typedef ComponentDatabase::ObjectType elastix::InstallFunctions< TAnyItkObject >::ObjectType

The baseclass of all objects that are returned by the Creator.

Definition at line 55 of file elxInstallFunctions.h.

template<class TAnyItkObject >
typedef InstallFunctions elastix::InstallFunctions< TAnyItkObject >::Self


Definition at line 51 of file elxInstallFunctions.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class TAnyItkObject >
static ObjectPointer elastix::InstallFunctions< TAnyItkObject >::Creator ( void  )

A wrap around the New() functions of itkObjects.

Definition at line 67 of file elxInstallFunctions.h.

template<class TAnyItkObject >
static int elastix::InstallFunctions< TAnyItkObject >::InstallComponent ( const ComponentDescriptionType name,
IndexType  i,
ComponentDatabase cdb 

This function places the address of the New() function of AnyItkObjectType in the ComponentDatabase. Returns 0 in case of no errors.

Definition at line 76 of file elxInstallFunctions.h.

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