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cudaInlineFunctions.h File Reference
#include <cuda_runtime.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string>
#include <assert.h>
#include "cudaMacro.h"
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#define cudaCheckMsg(msg)   __cudaCheckMsg( msg, __FILE__, __LINE__ )


void cuda::__cudaCheckMsg (const char *msg, const char *file, const int line)
template<typename T >
cudaError_t cuda::cudaBindTextureToArray (const T &tex, cudaArray *array, const cudaChannelFormatDesc desc)
template<class T >
T * cuda::cudaHostAlloc (vcl_size_t nof_elems, unsigned int flags=cudaHostAllocDefault)
template<class T >
T * cuda::cudaMalloc (vcl_size_t nof_elems)
cudaError_t cuda::cudaMemcpy (void *dst, const void *src, vcl_size_t nof_elems, vcl_size_t sizeof_elem, cudaMemcpyKind direction)
template<class T >
void cuda::cudaMemcpy (T *dst, const T *src, vcl_size_t nof_elems, cudaMemcpyKind direction)
template<typename T , typename Q >
cudaError_t cuda::cudaMemcpyToSymbol (const T &dst, const Q &src, cudaMemcpyKind direction)
template<class T >
void cuda::cudaMemset (T *dst, int value, vcl_size_t nof_elems)
template<typename T >
cudaError_t cuda::cudaUnbindTexture (const T &tex)
 cuda::DBG_FUNC (cudaFreeArray,(struct cudaArray *array),(array))
 cuda::DBG_FUNC (cudaFree,(void *devPtr),(devPtr))
 cuda::DBG_FUNC (cudaMalloc3DArray,(struct cudaArray **arrayPtr, const struct cudaChannelFormatDesc *desc, struct cudaExtent extent),(arrayPtr, desc, extent))
 cuda::DBG_FUNC (cudaMemcpy3D,(const struct cudaMemcpy3DParms *p),(p))
 cuda::DBG_FUNC (cudaSetDevice,(int device),(device))
 cuda::DBG_FUNC (cudaGetDeviceProperties,(struct cudaDeviceProp *prop, int device),(prop, device))

Macro Definition Documentation

#define cudaCheckMsg (   msg)    __cudaCheckMsg( msg, __FILE__, __LINE__ )

Definition at line 30 of file cudaInlineFunctions.h.

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