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Todo List
Class elastix::AdaptiveStochasticGradientDescent< TElastix >
: this class contains a lot of functional code, which actually does not belong here.
Class elastix::AdvancedBSplineTransform< TElastix >
It is unsure what happens when one of the image dimensions has length 1.
Class elastix::BSplineStackTransform< TElastix >
It is unsure what happens when one of the image dimensions has length 1.
Class elastix::BSplineTransformWithDiffusion< TElastix >
: this Transform has not been tested for images with Direction cosines matrix other than the identity matrix.
Global elastix::ELASTIX::RegisterImages (ImagePointer fixedImage, ImagePointer movingImage, ParameterMapType &parameterMap, std::string outputPath, bool performLogging, bool performCout, ImagePointer fixedMask=0, ImagePointer movingMask=0)
generate file elastix_errors.h containing error codedefines (e.g. #define ELASTIX_NO_ERROR 0)
Global elastix::ElastixTemplate< TFixedImage, TMovingImage >::InputImageType
How useful is this? It is not consequently supported, since the the input image is stored in the MovingImageContainer anyway.
Global elastix::FullSearch< TElastix >::GetOptimizationSurface ()
BeforeAll, checking parameters.
Global elastix::MetricBase< TElastix >::m_ShowExactMetricValue
the method GetExactDerivative could as well be added here.
Class elastix::MultiBSplineTransformWithNormal< TElastix >
It is unsure what happens when one of the image dimensions has length 1.
Class elastix::RandomSamplerSparseMask< TElastix >
Write something similar for the RandomCoordinate sampler.
Global elastix::RegistrationBase< TElastix >::ReadMaskParameters (UseMaskErosionArrayType &useMaskErosionArray, const unsigned int nrOfMasks, const std::string &whichMask, const unsigned int level) const
: move to RegistrationBase Input:
  • an array that will contain a bool for each mask, saying if it needs erosion or not
  • the number of masks
  • whichMask: "Fixed" or "Moving"
  • the current resolution level Output:
  • The function returns a bool that says if any mask needs erosion. If the number of masks is zero, this bool will be false.
  • The useMaskErosionArray, which indicates for each mask whether it should be eroded. If the number of masks is zero, this array will be empty.
Class itk::AdvancedVersorTransform< TScalarType >
Need to make sure that the translation parameters in the baseclass cannot be set to non-zero values.
Global itk::CombinationImageToImageMetric< TFixedImage, TMovingImage >::SetUseMultiThread (bool _arg)
: Temporary, should think about interface.
Class itk::FullSearchOptimizer
This optimizer has similar functionality as the recently added itkExhaustiveOptimizer. See if we can replace it by that optimizer, or inherit from it.
Global itk::ImageSamplerBase< TInputImage >::SetUseMultiThread (bool _arg)
: Temporary, should think about interface.
Global itk::KNNGraphAlphaMutualInformationImageToImageMetric< TFixedImage, TMovingImage >::EvaluateMovingFeatureImageDerivatives (const MovingImagePointType &mappedPoint, SpatialDerivativeType &featureGradients) const
move this to base class.
Class itk::NDImageBase< TPixel >
not all! An internal writer and reader are included for convenience.
Global itk::NDImageBase< TPixel >::CopyInformation (const DataObject *data)=0
Transform IndexToPoint methods.
Global itk::NDImageBase< TPixel >::SetRegions (SizeType size)=0

: extend to direction cosines; but not needed for now in elastix

an NDRegionType should first be declared, in the same way as NDImage use SetRegions(size) for now. then knowlegde of the RegionType is not necessary. alternative: forget about the regiontype and add the functions SetLargestPossibleRegion, SetRegions etc with arguments (index,size) or maybe: ImageIORegion

Global itk::NDImageTemplate< TPixel, VDimension >::CopyInformation (const DataObject *data)
Transform IndexToPoint methods.
Global itk::ParzenWindowHistogramImageToImageMetric< TFixedImage, TMovingImage >::UpdateJointPDFAndIncrementalPDFs (RealType fixedImageValue, RealType movingImageValue, RealType movingMaskValue, const DerivativeType &movingImageValuesRight, const DerivativeType &movingImageValuesLeft, const DerivativeType &movingMaskValuesRight, const DerivativeType &movingMaskValuesLeft, const NonZeroJacobianIndicesType &nzji) const
The IsInsideMovingMask return bools are converted to doubles (1 or 0) to simplify the computation. But this may not be necessary.
Class itk::Statistics::ListSampleCArray< TMeasurementVector, TInternalValue >
: the second template argument should be removed, since the GetMeasurementVector method is incorrect when TMeasurementVector::ValueType != TInternalValue.
Global itk::WeightedCombinationTransform< TScalarType, NInputDimensions, NOutputDimensions >::TransformPointer
: shouldn't these be ConstPointers?

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