"A Strain Energy Filter for 3D Vessel Enhancement"

Changyan Xiao, Marius Staring, Denis P. Shamonin, Johan H.C. Reiber, Jan Stolk and Berend C. Stoel


The traditional Hessian-related vessel filters often suffer from the problem of handling non-cylindrical objects. To remedy the shortcoming, we present a shape-tuned strain energy density function to measure vessel likelihood in 3D images. Based on the tensor invariants and stress-strain principle in mechanics, a new shape discriminating and vessel strength measure function is formulated. The synthetical and clinical data experiments verify the performance of our method in enhancing complex vascular structures including branches, bifurcations, and feature details.



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Source code

The source code of the methods described in this paper can be found in the toolkit ITKTools, available at https://github.com/ITKTools/ITKTools. The specific tool is pxenhancement.

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