"SimpleElastix: A user-friendly, multi-lingual library for medical image registration"

Kasper Marstal, Floris Berendsen, Marius Staring and Stefan Klein


In this paper we present SimpleElastix, an extension of SimpleITK designed to bring the Elastix medical image registration library to a wider audience. Elastix is a modular collection of robust C++ image registration algorithms that is widely used in the literature. However, its command-line interface introduces overhead during prototyping, experimental setup, and tuning of registration algorithms. By integrating Elastix with SimpleITK, Elastix can be used as a native library in Python, Java, R, Octave, Ruby, Lua, Tcl and C# on Linux, Mac and Windows. This allows Elastix to intregrate naturally with many development environments so the user can focus more on the registration problem and less on the underlying C++ implementation. As means of demonstration, we show how to register MR images of brains and natural pictures of faces using minimal amount of code. SimpleElastix is open source, licensed under the permissive Apache License Version 2.0 and available at https://github.com/kaspermarstal/SimpleElastix.



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