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Changes of elastix 3.8 compared to elastix 3.7


  • Updated the documentation.
  • Resampling speed-up for linear transformations.
  • AutomaticScalesEstimation, an option for the linear transform to estimate the Scales parameter automatically.
  • The B-spline grid is now placed symetrically on the fixed image domain.
  • Added an option to set the maximum number of threads that elastix is allowed to use.
  • Progress command: prints the progress of slow processes to screen.
  • Elastix now, to some extend, supports multiple inputs for the registration (e.g. registering sets of images).


  • Fixed numerous small bugs.
  • The final resampling was done twice, by accident. Resampling is now performed only once, as it should be, resulting in a speed-up of a factor of two :-)
  • The last parameter of the B-spline transform was never written to the transform parameters file.

New classes and/or methods:

  • Added a LinearInterpolator and NearestNeighborInterpolator.
  • Added a Linear and NearestNeighborResampleInterpolator.
  • Added a float version of the final B-spline resample interpolator. It reduces the memory burden, at the cost of some precision.
  • Added a AdvancedKappaStatisticMetric: maximises overlap.
  • Added a metric that adds a rigidity penalty term to the Mattes mutual information metric.
  • Added Fixed/MovingSmoothingImagePyramid: these pyramids do not resize the images, but keep the original size.
  • Added a CMAEvolutionStrategy optimizer.
  • Added a similarity transform: rotation, translation and isotropic scaling.
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