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Changes of elastix 4.1 compared to elastix 4.0


  • elastix 4.1 requires ITK 3.12.
  • elastix 4.1 now compiles with GCC 4.3.
  • Better exception catching, so that elastix does not crash. Also more meaningfull error messages in those cases.
  • The e-mail address to ask for help is elastix.support@gmail.com. This is changed in elastix --help.
  • Some rearrangement of the source code in src/Common.

New classes and/or methods:


  • Fixed numerous small bugs and compilation warnings in GCC.
  • In elastix 4.0 we introduced a faster version of Mattes mutual information. To select this option you actually needed to set:
    (UseFastAndLowMemoryVersion "false")
    instead of:
    (UseFastAndLowMemoryVersion "true")
    This bug is now fixed.
  • Related to this feature we fixed a bug due to an uninitialized variable, causing non-reproducible crashes.
  • Fixed a bug in the AdaptiveStochasticGradientOptimizer, causing a crash. Reported by Joana Caldas Magalhaes from UMC Utrecht.
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